Some of our favorite websites that you might like too

ELT blogs

Barefoot TEFL Teacher – “TEFL talk for teachers, trainers and academic managers” by our friend and occasional podcast guest Dave Weller

From Teacher to Manager – “resources for managers of language teaching organizations” by our friend and occasional podcast guest Andy Hockley

Scott Thorbury’s A-Z of ELT – a “dictionary-encyclopedia of English language teaching”

The ELT Elf - interviews, blogs and other rantings about ELT and computer games from our friend Fifi Pyatt

Train the Teacher - Our friends in Hong Kong who also run Trinity CertTESOL courses (among other things) 

Dynamite ELT - blog is for developing EFL/ESL teachers by Lindsey Clark and Kyle Dugan 

ELT Podcasts

eltupgraders -  “Boost up, skill up and tool up your teaching” by our friend Jake Whiddon

The TEFL Show – “Podcasts about teaching English and learning languages”

Masters of TESOL – “Advice from the biggest brains in the world of TESOL”

The Dongxi's - If you liked the music on our podcast, listen to more from the same band 


One Stop English – “database of over 9,000 high-quality resources”

British Council Teaching English – resources, teaching tools, articles, etc. for all age groups

Jason Anderson - all round TEFL guru, author and podcast guest

ELT videos

Cambridge University Press YouTube Channel – videos from “one of the world's leading publishers of English Language Teaching materials”

Macmillan Education ELT YouTube Channel – “the best of English Language Teaching from one of the world's foremost educational publishers”

British Council | EnglishAgenda – “Catch up with your professional development by watching films from recent seminars on a wide variety of teaching topics”

ELT jobs

Ray English - “We [well, they] find you the best teaching jobs” - by our buddy Stu Allen.

ELT REsearchA - Ross' reseach

Other education related sites

Owl ABC - our friend Peter Liu's school teaching literacy and critical thinking skills for the 21st century.