Some of our favorite websites that you might like too

ELT blogs

Barefoot TEFL Teacher – “TEFL talk for teachers, trainers and academic managers” by our friend and regular podcast guest Dave Weller

Ed in the Crowd - podcast guest Ed Dudley's blog

ELT Teacher Trainer - podcast guest John Hughes' blog

Carol Lethaby - strangely enough,  podcast guest Carol Lethaby's website

Paul Nation - vocabulary, reading and methodology legend (and podcast guest) Paul Nation's webpage at the University of Wellington where he is Emeritus Professor Linguistics and Applied Language Studies

Trinity College London TESOL Newsletters – curated by our friend and podcast guest, Ben Beaumont. Containing news and information to help support professional development.

From Teacher to Manager – “resources for managers of language teaching organizations” by our friend and one-time podcast guest Andy Hockley

Scott Thorbury’s A-Z of ELT – a “dictionary-encyclopedia of English language teaching”

The ELT Elf - interviews, blogs and other rantings about ELT and computer games from our friend and occasional podcast guest Fifi Pyatt

Train the Teacher - Our friends in Hong Kong who also run Trinity CertTESOL courses (among other things) 

Dynamite ELT - blog is for developing EFL/ESL teachers by Lindsey Clark and Kyle Dugan 

ELT Consultants blog - blog with podcast guest Wendy Arnold

ELT Podcasts

eltupgraders -  “Boost up, skill up and tool up your teaching” by our podcast guest Jake Whiddon

TEFLology - from our podcast guests Rob, Matt & Matt "the TEFLology Podcast aims to brighten up your commute to work or evening stroll with some interesting information about current events, history, and methods and approaches in language education."

One Stop English Podcast - brings together editors, teachers and specialists to discuss issues in the world of ELT.

Masters of TESOL – “Advice from the biggest brains in the world of TESOL”

The Dongxi's - If you liked the music on our podcast, listen to more from the same band (by Ross & Jake)


Materials Development Association (MATSDA) website - founded by podcast guest and leading experts on materials development for language learning, Professor Brian Tomlinson from Anaheim University

Stephen D Krashen - free books and resources from linguist and educational researcher Stephen Krashen

Phonics International - loads of high quality free resources for teaching phonics written by leading synthetic phonics expert (and podcast guest), Debbie Hepplewhite

Phonics resources from Letterland, from podcast guest Lesley White

Vivian Cook - resources including books and papers from Professor Vivian Cook, writer, teacher and SLA researcher

Patsy Lightbown’s website - everything you wanted to know about podcast guest Patsy Lightbown, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Applied Linguistics, at Concordia University, Montreal

One Stop English – “database of over 9,000 high-quality resources”

British Council Teaching English – resources, teaching tools, articles, etc. for all age groups

Jason Anderson - all round TEFL guru, author and podcast guest

EDMI - from our mate Mike Heath. Learn more, learn better.

Trinity College London TESOL newsletter - TESOL newsletters are aimed at English language teaching professionals and contain news and information to help support professional development from our friend and podcast guest, Ben Beaumont.

Online Versions of Papers and Articles by Vivian Cook - Various papers, reviews etc. written by Vivian Cook, mostly about  language teaching, Chomsky, CALL, Second Language Acquisition (SLA), multi-competence or writing systems.

ELT videos

Cambridge University Press YouTube Channel – videos from “one of the world's leading publishers of English Language Teaching materials”

Macmillan Education ELT YouTube Channel – “the best of English Language Teaching from one of the world's foremost educational publishers”

British Council | EnglishAgenda – “Catch up with your professional development by watching films from recent seminars on a wide variety of teaching topics”

ELT jobs

Ray English - “We [well, they] find you the best teaching jobs” - by our buddy Stu Allen.

ELT REsearch - Ross' reseach

Other education related sites

Owl ABC - our friend and podcast guest Peter Liu's school teaching literacy and critical thinking skills for the 21st century.