Podcast: Stop Reading And Start TAVI-ing! Get The Most Out Of Texts In The Classroom

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Adapting readings in the efl classroom

Teachers have used readings and texts in different ways over the last century in TEFL - from translating into their first language to repeating meaningless sentences. Listen for techniques which can help students to guess meaning, relate content to their lives and act as a springboard to get students to have a meaningful conversation.

Tracy's notes on using texts in the classroom

Practical techniques for utilizing texts

In this podcast we'll show you how to use texts and reading to help students discover language as well as for a springboard to get your students talking.


TALO: Text as a linguistic object

TAVI: Text as a vehicle for information 

TASP: Text as a springboard for production or Text as a Stimulus for Production. 

Further reading

For more on texts in the language classroom, check out Jeremy Harmer's The Practice of English Language Teaching (below)